Dimensions and Weights

Dimensions and Weights

Commonly Used Conversions from Metric and to Imperial Measures
Meters x 3.280484 = Feet
Millimeters x 0.03937 = inches
Metric tons x 1.1023 = short tons (net)

Commonly Used Conversions from Imperial and to Metric Measures
Feet x 0.3048 = meters
Inches x 25.4 = millimeters
Net tons (short x 0.90718 = metric tons

Common Pipe Equations
Pounds per linear foot of pipe = OD Wall x Wall x 10.69
Square feet per linear foot of pipe = (OD x 3.1416) / 12
Miles x 5280ft = total feet
ID = OD -(2xWall)

seamless pipe

raymond millseamless steel pipes.

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