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Who is ASTM?

Organized in 1898, ASTM International is one of the world's largest international standards developing organizations.
At ASTM International, producers, users, consumers, and others from all over the world join together to develop voluntary consensus standards. ASTM standards are developed under a process that embraces the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement principles. The ASTM standards development process is open and transparent, allowing individuals and governments to participate directly, and as equals, in a global consensus decision.


Thirty thousand ASTM members from 125 countries bring their technical expertise to the development of ASTM's 12,000 international standards. These standards are used and accepted worldwide and cover areas such as metals, paints, plastics, textiles, petroleum, construction, energy, the environment, consumer products, medical services and devices, and electronics.

Development of standards

The open process in which ASTM standards are developed is one reason why so many and such a broad range of industries have done their diverse standards development work within ASTM International.
Professionals from all over the globe participate in the ASTM system which recognizes technical expertise, not country of origin. With a high level of technical quality at the core of the ASTM standard, almost 50 percent of ASTM standards are distributed outside the United States.
To facilitate broad global input, ASTM International uses online technologies that encourage open participation and responsiveness to industry needs. They include Internet-based Standards Development Forums enabling 24/7 access worldwide, on-line balloting, electronic minutes and templates, virtual meetings, and state-of-the- art distribution methods.